For my project, I referenced a magazine published by Malay women in 1931 called Bulan Melayu. One of the first women's magazines written by and for women, it covered various topics to address women's roles in society. One particular cover struck me however, as it included an image of modern women working in different forms of enterprise. 
Believing the spirit of the design to be similar to what I wanted, I illustrated a pastiche that became the project's hero image. This illustration is used on the book cover, poster and Facebook page. The book, available in print as a PDF accessible online, includes profiles of women I contacted, wrote about, and interviewed. In addition, the book includes a short section on resources existing in Malaysia, aimed at supporting aspiring Malaysian designers. 
Ultimately, the book is hoped to encourage young designers, to let them have design heroes to call their own. 
This book could not have been completed without the contributions of all the women featured within this book. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this project and producing insightful answers to questions about the Malaysian art and design scene. 
I would also like to thank the Malaysia Design Archive, founded by Ezrena Marwan, for being an incredible resource for Malaysian artists and designers and a source of inspiration for this project!
The women who are featured in this book are as follows:
Charis Loke
Ellie Yong Sze Ching
Ezrena Marwan
Joanne Chew
Joanne Lew Vriethoff
Melisa Wong
Ming Ng Ai Beng
Reimena Yee
Sarah Joan Mohktar
Vivian Toh

To read the full e-book, click here.